Day 2 of the #MHchallenge and why I hate commuting

Today was my first day back at work since my holiday and being unwell.

All in all it went well, it went pretty quickly and I got a fair amount done which is good. However spending the majority of my time on the phone has knackered me out. So I’m currently sitting on the train home trying to not fall asleep on a strangers lap (my commute is 1h30 mins… insert eye roll here).

I used to listen to a lot of audio books on my commute however recently I haven’t seen any that really grab my eye that I’d want to listen to so am hating my commute. Do any of you have any suggestions about what audiobooks I should listen to? I like a wide spectrum of things so I’m happy to take any suggestions you may have.

Now back to day 2 of the #MHchallenge… i always find that I will be scrolling through Instagram and watching pointless videos just before I go to bed. So this evening once I get in I’m not going to go on any social media. This included! Because I spend far too much of my time just mindlessly scrolling and I think detoxing for a day isn’t possible at the moment. It’s bad I know.

I am looking forward to tomorrow where I get to create something as I find things like that always make me feel better!


Day 1 of #MHchallenge couldn’t have gone any worse

So last night I went up to my room an hour early so I could put a face mask on, shower, and moisturise before bed so I was feeling super relaxed for my first day back at work since my holiday. I won’t lie, I’m feeling pretty good. Happy. Relaxed. Ready for the day to begin. I actually enjoy my job so it doesn’t even feel like I’m working or I have to force myself to get up.

This morning, however, I wake up at 6.30am with my alarm and something doesn’t feel right. My stomach is in agony and I feel like I’m about to be sick if I move an inch. Long story short I’ve caught a stomach bug that’s been going around so have had to take a day off of work.

So it looks like I’m not going to hit any of my goals for the first day of #MHchallenge. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. I was doing this to feel better within myself and no amount of beating myself up about this will make me feel better. In fact it will achieve the opposite.

For the rest of the day I will relax in front of the TV with a cup of tea and hope I feel better to start Day 2 tomorrow.

If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail… it takes back bone to lead the life you want. – Richard Yates

30 Day Mental Health Challenge

I got this idea when I stumbled upon Happy Mentality‘s blog this morning. Recently I have felt like my mental health has been dwindling so I thought this #MHchallenge would be a good way to try to proactively feel better and back to myself by practising self-care and trying things I normally wouldn’t.

My plan for this challenge

I plan to use this blog to track how this challenge is going and to keep motivated and hold myself accountable.

I will exercise at least 3 times a week. My mental health suffers when I don’t stay active and feel like I’m becoming unfit so I will make time during work or after in order to keep active.

At the end of the 30 days I will reflect on this challenge and see how I will continue after it.

My goals for this week:

  • Follow the #MHchallenge calendar
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps
  • Write blog post about how each day has been- including my work-life balance
  • Eat a Mediterranean diet
  • Track food every day in MyFitnessPal
  • Go to the gym 3 times

I am still me, no matter my mental health

Starting my blog journey

I am starting this blog to document my day to day life from working in London, my daily commute, my travels, my mental health, my fitness, and all my goals and aspirations.

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

— Louis L’Amour

What goals do you have for the rest of the year?